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Geekkitty [userpic]
Yay for Shoebuy! And Yay for Merrell Shoes!

I bought two pairs of shoes from Shoebuy last week. The first pair showed up today. Shipping was pretty fast, and shipping both here and should I need to return them, back is free for ground service via UPS. They provided a tracking number for each shipment within just a few hours of ordering, and they ship very quickly even using standard ground.

Both pairs of shoes are from Merrell. I've bought other shoes from them and they're always very comfortable. I've needed a comfortable pair of shoes since I started having pregnancy related back problems.

The shoes that I received today are tan slip on shoes (for when I can no longer reach my toes), lined in fleece. They have excellent arch support.  Despite the fact that they are ugly as sin, I'm keeping them because they're SO comfy. They have arch support like nobody's business. Yay!


Comfy shoes are a must! I have so many shoes from my work days that are high heels... do I wear them now? Nope.. Flats and comfy flats are fab. :) Especially when you won't be able to reach your toes.. ;P