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Mojo not completely missing

I did get some spinning done this week.  Of course now I'm at the office so I can't take photos to share.  Let's just say that I finished a bobbin of SW BFL (Superwash Blue Faced Leicester for those non-sheepie people), which amounted to about four ounces.  I have another four ounces to go, and of course the first four ounces still need to be plied.

I've been eating badly lately, I'm either not hungry, or I'm not getting enough water, or something else is just conspiring against my ability to put food down my gullet.  And then this morning when I WAS finally hungry, all I could find to eat was garbage.  I think I need to go find myself a bottle of decaf tea (the kind I make myself in my 24oz Camelbak bottle) and start sipping that for the day.

Also, I can't decide if the baby either doesn't like my toothpaste, or my gag reflex is just heightened, as I had my first real puke this morning. This was NOT supposed to happen in the second trimester!

And now I must go friendslock this post, as the general public really doesn't need to know about my puking habits and ever increasing waistline thankyouverymuch.

ETA: Happy Hannukah everyone!

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How did I miss the fact that you're pregnant? I really have been living in a hole.

Ummm, yeah...

I wasn't really advertising until it was safe to say something. We just told family at Thanksgiving, and it's been such an easy pregnancy so far that I thank goodness don't have anything to say about it. This was the very first issue I've had other than some minor back twinges and general malaise.

Of course, now that I'm starting to show, it's going to be hard to keep it a secret so I'm just telling people. I'd rather that people know, than make them wonder.

Re: Ummm, yeah...

Okay - so it's not just me living in a hole. Mazel Tov.

Re: Ummm, yeah...

Nope, not living in a hole, or under a rock. I'd try to follow the traditional 5 month rule, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be obvious any day now.

Thanks dear!

I didn't know you had a wee one on the way! Congratulations! :)

Happy Hanukkah to you too!

Well see now you missed that announcement at the spin in ;) You totally would have known last week if you hadn't needed that pesky sleep!

Next spin in it will be obvious. :)