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January 2009
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Geekkitty [userpic]
Is that my mojo I saw walk out the door?

Since SOAR my Mojo has been gone.  Not just knitting, but spinning too.  I've not knit or spun much since coming back.

Yesterday I went down to one of my LYS, and picked up four little balls of tapestry wool.  It's actual wool, knitting worsted weight.  I'm thinking about trying a log cabin style blanket. 

Let's see how this goes...


Do it! Tapestry wool rocks. Log cabin rocks. I made two and they were huge hits.

Your spinning customer. :)

The question is...

Will the knitting police come after me if I just make it up as I go along? I suspect not.

I picked deep dark saturated colors, and bought four little skeins of yarn. I started with pink and am rotating through Blue, Green and Purple too, with the initial Pink cube in the corner. I'll keep going until I'm out, then I'll go pick up some more. I don't think it will take much though, after all, it's a baby sized blanket. And it's wool, so it will grow somewhat with the baby in question...

I may have to go find bigger skeins of more colors though. I can see how this could be addictive.

OMG me too!

I don't think I've spun more than a couple hours since SOAR. Knitting, I've been going a bit crazy with... but Christmas is coming, and who wants to spend $ on gifts when one has a humongo stash already, right? I've barely woven. I've discovered I am not a big fan of weaving... it hurts my back & shoulders (achey), takes forever to set up, and just... bleh. But I love the end result.

O, but I am an enigma, even unto myself at times! :)

Miss you!